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Our Commander

Major Michael J Woolfolk

Michael Woolfolk is the New York City Group Commander for the Civil Air Patrol. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a federally chartered non-profit corporation and the civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force headquartered at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL.

His primary duty as Group Commander is leading the group in fulfillment of CAP’s three primary missions: emergency services, cadet programs and aerospace education.Major Woolfolk accepted the role of Commander of the New York City Group (NER-NY-015) in 2016.

Prior to that, he served as Squadron Commander, Deputy Commander for Seniors, Deputy Commander for Cadets and Aerospace Education Officer of the Phoenix Composite Squadron (NER-NY-301).
Woolfolk joined Civil Air Patrol in 2010 as an Aerospace Education Member (AEM).

Shortly thereafter, he became a full member and was appointed Assistant AEO. With his interest in STEM and background in scouting, he took an active role in the aerospace education and cadet programs. He holds master ratings in the aerospace education and cadet programs specialty tracks.

He demonstrated an early commitment to professional development, earning the Paul E. Garber Award (Level IV) as a First Lieutenant. In addition to completing Squadron Leadership School, Corporate Learning Course, Training Leaders of Cadets, Unit Commander Course, and Region Staff College, he has completed the Management Level of Organizational Excellence 2.0 as well as the US Air Force’s Squadron Officer School and Air Command and Staff College distance learning programs.       

Woolfolk’s professional career in banking spans 20 years. He worked for Credit Suisse as a currency analyst in London and New York during 1995-96 and for BNY Mellon in New York in positions of increasing responsibility including managing director during 1997-2014. He holds a BA in history from Portland State University, an MBA from Willamette University, a PhD in finance from Penn State University and a General Management Program (GMP) certificate from Harvard Business School


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